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Translations for the financial sector

Financial translations involve their own jargon and also specific terminology that has to meet international requirements. On top of that, there are many different customer groups in the financial world, all of whom need a different communications approach. What’s more, financial matters are arranged online, so the financial world has also become an IT world. Financial translators need to be up to speed on all of these things, and our translators are. That’s why HHCE is preferred supplier to the two biggest Dutch banks, ING and ABN AMRO. 

What sort of financial texts does HHCE translate?

Accuracy and precision are crucial in a such a complex field
Apart from providing translations every day in many different languages for the large banks, HHCE has been translating annual, half-yearly, financial and public reports, financial statements and various financial agreements for many years now for a range of leading international companies, some of which are listed companies.

It goes without saying that we follow the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Common Reporting Standards (CRS), but we also painstakingly search through existing annual reports, balance sheets and policies to find the right terminology. This gives our translations the accuracy and precision needed in a such a complex field. We are also well aware of the sensitivity of this subject matter, so we have set up our processes to accommodate this issue.

Annual reports and financial statements

The right terms and a text that reads well

Annual reports are not just about compulsory financial accountability. More and more companies are using the annual report to show what they’ve achieved over the past year, what their strategy and working methods are and what their goals for the future are. This requires a translator who knows all the ins and outs of the correct financial terminology, is up to speed on the jargon and understands it, but who can also appreciate your underlying message. And who can turn all of that into a fluent text that reads well. Read more about how we tackle this in our blog post on translating annual reports.

Got a question about financial translations?

Annual reports, quarterly updates, half-yearly figures...they hold no secrets for me. Together with our team of financial translators, I make sure your message gets across properly to international stakeholders, investors and regulators, all in line with IFRS and CRS.

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